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“The purpose of psychotherapy is to set people free.”
Rollo May

For many of us,  there are times in our lives when we get that sinking feeling that something is not right. Such moments or periods often follow major life events, such as grieving for a loved one, the break-up of a relationship, moving countries, facing health issues or even children leaving home and retirement. Other times, they appear to come from nowhere. Resulting feelings can be so pervasive that they impact our mental, emotional and physical well-being, creating conflict in relationships and impacting our ability to function. Feelings may also start manifesting in one’s seeking isolation, in an inability to see joy in life and can lead to depressive conditions. This is where psychotherapy and counselling have a role to play.


Psychotherapy and counselling share similar foundations in terms of therapeutic values, however, they are not exactly the same. I will use a counselling approach if you have a clear and specific issue you are grappling with, whilst the focus is on supporting you to make the right choices for yourself. With counselling I integrate CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), ACT ( Acceptance Commitment Therapy) and psycho-education to help you better understand your thinking patterns and support decision making. CBT is a short-term, goal-orientated psychotherapy treatment that takes a hands-on practical approach to problem-solving and pattern changing. ACT maintains that it is possible to create a rich and meaningful life, whilst accepting the inevitable pains and struggles. I will bring to you the mindfulness and acceptance skills of ACT to respond to the feelings and emotions brought on by challenging life experiences. 

Psychotherapy is the method I employ when the issue is not as clear cut. It will help you develop an understanding of the past that has shaped you, exploring the nature of your current anguish; what it means to you and what fears you hold about the future. It helps you clearly understand your conscious thinking, and more importantly brings to light unconscious thinking patterns. Psychotherapy guides us to better understand how the conscious and unconscious are working together, or not as the case may.

Psychotherapy should not be seen as a quick fix. It’s a transformation process that can take months to help you to learn new ways of thinking, behaving and even feeling. Early on, you can expect to get “light-bulb” moments on how you have thought about your challenges, but it can take some time to come to terms with building skills to make the necessary changes. Through psychotherapy you will find  a whole new way of thinking about yourself and as a result the way you perceive the world changes for the better.

Regardless of psychotherapy or counselling, I will foster a process that encourages healing and growth, enabling you to better tackle emotional, mental, physical, relational, behavioural and existential challenges. My role is to pose questions that invite you to view things differently and to gently challenge you.

As the therapy progresses, I will work with you to develop insights about your being in the world, how you relate to others and to gain a clearer sense of self. You will gain a better understanding of your individual identity and how it might have been shaped by factors such as your gender, sexuality, spirituality, religion, culture or ethnicity. Through this process you may find meaning in your suffering and anguish, and feel empowered to make different personal choices, and build the capacity to heal, grow and, if needed, transform. Ultimately, I am here to support you to better live an integrated and fulfilled life, that is on your own terms.

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